About Me



Yvonne’s innovative art can be seen on many different mediums. Using spray paint and stencils she creates unique works, each piece individually painted on mediums as decadent as champagne bottles, tables, skateboards and guitars as well as traditional canvas. Her larger canvas work images are layered to give further and unexpected depth to portraiture. Ultimately, the works that Yvonne produces strive to be beautiful, unique and exquisite.
Yvonne has exhibited with David Bray, Ben Oakley, Ray Richardson, Rowan Newton, Rugman, Asboluv, Pam Glew, Carne Griffiths, Lost Souls. Yvonne’s work is regularly on show at the Ben Oakley Gallery and also shown in locations such as the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, West Bank Gallery, the Urban Barrier and numerous London pop-ups. Her work was on display in Far Rockaway on Curtain Road in London’s Shoreditch.




written by: Manny Gyumova